Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Science Display Boards

by Sophia
For ten adventurous weeks, the Kawau Team worked harder than ever on some amazing science display boards. After weeks and weeks of work, everyone’s boards were starting to look marvellous.

There were six materials, that we could chose from to investigate for our presentations. These were: glass, plastic, rubber, paper, metal and fabric.

The boards were judged on a score out of 100. We had to create our own science experiment to test a poroperty of our chosen material. We have been learning science experiment skills this year in science.

We’ve have  done lots of exciting experiments such as a dry ice experiment. We also did another experiment with two types of sugars. Brown and Castor sugar. We lit both on fire and watched to see which one would burn faster and start to rise up.

Mitcham Primary School Visitor

Today a colleague of Miss Keightley ( a former Macleans teacher) visited Macleans Primary. This colleague was from Mitcham Primary School in Melbourne, Australia. Her name is Ms Pikia.

She visited us in the library and she was nice and friendly. She was looking around the school. She enjoyed looking at the Matariki art that is displayed in the library.

She took a long, tour around the school. She liked the colourful murals outside, as well as The Jumping Number Caterpillar. She got really interested in the MLE, and she spent a lot of time in there talking to students and teachers.

Ms Pikia enjoyed her visit to Macleans Primary.

She hopes to visit again.

St Johns Training

Donna from the St John’s charity came and taught students from the Kawau team about taking care of ourselves. Donna also taught us how to treat a person with heat stroke or hypothermia.

First we learned about minor wounds, stings and burns. Donna instructed us what to do when you get a minor wound. Donna immediately put us into groups and we cleaned and bandaged the different types of wounds that Donna had drawn on us with a red whiteboard marker.

After that we learned about burns and if  Donna drew a burn on our hands, we had to had to run it under cold water for 20 min(it was just a cup with no water) Next we covered it with glad wrap.Then we learned  about stings. Donna said the very first thing you have to do when you when you get a sting is ask the patient if they had got stung before. Next we had to pull it out as fast as we could with a card or piece of paper. You can also do it with you nail. Later, we froze it with an icepack.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Basketball Success for Macleans

Macleans' Thunder - Division Champions!
Congratulations to the Macleans Thunder Basketball Team  who won the final of their division last Wednesday evening.  It capped a very successful night for our basketball squad with all three teams achieving wins in the last round of competition for this season.  Thank you to our school coaches for training the teams. 

Macleans Thunder   20     Wakaaranga 12  (Division Winners)
Macleans Mavericks  7      Pigeon Mountain   2

Macleans Magic  9       Pigeon Mountain 8

Monday, July 24, 2017

Chocolate Sales

Image result for cadbury all stars box chocolate

By Sophia, Raegan and Anna  

In the last two weeks, there has been a roar of exciting squeals from the juniors about thrilling chocolate sales.

Chocolate sales is one of the most dramatic events, because last year the person who sold the most boxes in the school won a HP Chromebook! This year it’s a new bicycle.

There was a box of chocolates to sell for every FAMILY.

Inside the chocolate box were all the products from the Cadbury company. There were three Caramels, three Black Forest, three Crunchie, three Milk Chocolates, three Moro Bars, four Dreams, four Perky Nanas, three Picnics, three Orange-flavoured Twirls and three Time-out big-sized chocolate bars. Each were two dollars, while there were thirty chocolate bars.

At assembly, Mr Bayly ( our principal ) made a lucky draw for the first few people; and that was really intriguing. “Rugby Balls for the six people who get their name drawn out” he announced and everyone cheered blissfully. Then it was time for the moment of truth....who would win the bike for the most boxes sold?

This was a fun fundraiser for all the kids in this school.

Lloyd Elsmore Swimming
by Nimrit

The year 3-6 students are having swimming lessons for 7 weeks at Lloyd Elsmore every Friday.

We travel by bus to the pools. The bus is really nice because it had heaters but sometimes I get annoyed by the noise others make.

Each class is booked in to a different time slot. There are three stages of swimming: level 1, is for people that aren’t very good in doing different styles, level 2, is for kids who are in the middle swimmers and level 3 is for expert swimmers who can swim 2 or more laps without touching the bottom of the pool.

There are three really nice instructors and they help you learn different swim styles. It’s really fun to learn different swim styles. It’s a great way to learn how to swim confidently and everyone likes the lessons and the juniors can’t wait to start swimming at Lloyd Elsmore.
    Breathtaking Trip to Ambury Farm

By Raegan and Nimrit

Image result for ambury farmImage result for ambury farm

Recently, Rangitoto team went on an amazing trip to Ambury Farm. The reason they visited the farm was to learn about different types of  materials and fibres.
Image result for ambury farmImage result for ambury farm
First they went to a barn and played an entertaining matching game. They had some photos and plastic bags with all sorts of hair fibres.

Next they went to the shearing shed and watched a farmer shear the sheep's wool off. After they finished watching the sheep,they were lucky and they got to go down the sheep chute.
Image result for ambury farmImage result for ambury farm sheep chute
Next they looked around the farm. They saw chickens,cows,horses,turkeys,goats, sheep and pigs. They also went to a bug garden and saw some interesting insects.

It was a fun time for the Rangitoto Team because they could learn more and experience a lovely farm.They got to learn about fabrics and fibres.